10 Tips For Your News Flash

This entire process will take you about twenty minutes but it will greatly enhance the quality of your presentation… and yes I do it every week.

  • Use your computer to produce your News Flash.
  • There are five main points you should include in your News Flash. These are:
    • The Intro – Who you are, Your Company and what you do
    • Pick one simple facet of your business that you want to talk about.
    • Tell a success story…stories sell…or talk about a testimonial you have received
    • Ask for a referral – Be specific including conversation starters and/or phrases to listen for.
    • Close – Try and develop a hook or slogan for your business and repeat the name of your company.
  • Type it up in a slightly larger font than you usually would, say around 14pt rather than 10 or 12. This makes it easier to read so you don’t have to concentrate on reading it and can look up at your audience from time to time.
  • Print a copy when you have finished it and then read it out loud at least once as if you were at the meeting. Reading it out loud may make the family stare at you but it will give you more precise timing and give you an idea what you will sound like at the meeting. Of course, time yourself also.
  • Make a point of reading it slightly more slowly than you normally would. This means you won’t rush and trip over words. It will improve the timing. When we get more members, timing will become more important because the time we allocate for the News Flash will be reduced. When this starts to happen, reading it through will help to keep to a maximum time and allow you to change the wording to adjust.
  • Once you are happy with the timing, read it through at least twice to get comfortable with what you will say at the meeting. One of the main things that will help your presentation is being confident in yourself and in what you have written. Having read it through three times by now you will not be surprised by what you have written and will sound more fluent and concise.
  • When your time comes to present your News Flash, hold the presentation in front of you at just below face level so you can read it and still look up occasionally to make eye contact with your audience.
  • I know that some people like to prepare their presentation on their iPad or tablet. The problem with this is that they are heavy and difficult to hold up in front of you so you end up basically talking to the table and the people listening may have trouble hearing and understanding what you have said…and remember they are your sales team… they need to know what you are selling.
  • Remember to keep your reading pace a little slower than normal. This will help your breathing so you don’t run out of air, and will make it easier for those listening to understand you. Why more slowly? You will speak more clearly and people will understand you better. As an example I am sure you have heard the voice come over the speakers in a supermarket and cannot understand a word. This is because the speakers are usually in the ceiling and the person speaking is literally competing with the echo of their own voice from the hard supermarket floor. If they slowed down the echo would dissipate and you would understand every word they say.
  • Speak as if you are talking to the person furthest away from you. That way everyone will be able to hear you clearly. Logically if the person furthest away from you can hear you… so can everyone else.

These are simple tips and as you make use of them they will become second nature and you will find them beneficial in any speaking situation that you find yourself.