What is Business Over Breakfast (BoB)

Come along to Business Over Breakfast in Hobart. We meet (mostly) every Wednesday morning in the Salamanca area, Hobart.

The meeting starts at 7.00am (we arrive from 6.45am) and concludes by 8.30am – just in time for the parking meters on Salamanca Place.

If it’s your first visit, breakfast is complimentary.

Come prepared with your 60 second ‘elevator pitch’ that highlights what your business does and the types of clients and referrals you’re looking for.

We look forward to seeing you!


In February 2014, 12 professional business people got together to discuss a need for a business-based group to promote the growth of local business through the benefits of Referral Marketing.

From this came Business Over Breakfast (BoB). A Basic Policy Document was initiated and it was resolved to make this document a “movable feast” to adapt and change as circumstances dictate.

Given the economic situation in Tasmania at the time, it was resolved to start this group with no initial joining fees or annual fees for members. Any costs that arose through the first year would be met by the group on an equal share basis. Once twelve months had past the group would review the cost structure to see if a small annual fee needed to be introduced to cover basic administration charges.

The only cost that is incurred is a weekly fee to cover breakfast and room hire (currently $20.00 per week).  The small amount left over after payment of the weekly costs is put into a holding fund ready for any costs that may occur.

All decisions are made by the members on a majority basis.  A Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary (rotated on a regular basis through the group to share the load) are the major official positions in order to maintain structure and, where required, dispute resolution.  Let’s face it, most people who are members of BOB are professional business people and are well aware of what is required. Those who are not are encouraged to learn from other members.  Another asset to our group.

While New Members are heartily encouraged to join, the group resolved very early that membership should be restricted to only one person from each business category although a large category could be split to encompass two or three members who specialise in different areas. For example an Accountant and Bookkeeper could happily be members of the same group, and in fact could refer work to each other.

So if you feel this kind of Not For Profit Business group with no annual fees is an option for you, then contact us today and get your business rolling with referrals from other members – it’s like having your own sales team working for you.

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Categories Available:

Mechanic, Carpet Cleaner, Landscaper, Builder, Osteopath, Courier, Debt Collector, Cleaner, Bookkeeper, Chiropractor.

If your category does not fit one of the ones listed above, please contact us anyway, we are always open to add another category where required.